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Some of the rarest collectables are these Cassettes.

Have A Marijuana


Ampex Cassette

X 54032


This cassette is an Ampex tape and is the rarest cassette released by Elektra.
There has only ever been one sold on ebay and it is in the collection of The Lower east Side Archives

Have A Marijuana


Itallian CharterLine Cassette

CTR 422015


This cassette is an itallian issue with the picture on the back of Have A Marijuana.

This is the cassette release of Charter Line LP CTR 22 015.

The American Revolution


Ampex Cassette

M 54069


This Ampex cassette is stamped Priority and is even rarer than the Have A Marijuana cassette.

This is a interesting release because of a error. Ampex printed the cassette's side one label with side two's songs and side two's label with side one's songs. making it a very very rare release.

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